Local life portal

New upgrade of mobile terminal

New upgrading of community

Support voice second sending

Small video capture up to 30 seconds

New post reward function

secondhand market

Bidding promotion of idle second-hand goods

Free release of second-hand information

City Circle

The function of life portal

  • News

  • Class

  • Estate

  • Mall

  • Jobs

  • Card sale

  • Takeout

  • Post Bar

  • Decorating

  • Dating

  • Yellow Pages

  • Group Buying

  • My Website

  • Pictures News

  • Vote

  • Video

  • Intra-city

  • Press

  • Pension

  • TheSchool

  • Live

  • 拖拽专题

  • Credits Mall

  • Social Circle

  • Wedding

  • Taxi

  • Travel

  • Services

  • VR video

More comprehensive classification of real estate

There's always one for you

Second hand house



Office Building


Convenient tools

Make travel more convenient

Train tickets

bus ticket

charge for water

electricity fees

natural gas

Prepaid Refill

Flow recharge

Contract broadcast   Make you and me closer

Live broadcast reward

Second shot video clip

Invite online and offline