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What are the benefits of using the search promotion professional edition

As a new generation of search promotion management platform, the professional version helps you to promote with a broader perspective and a more professional way. On this brand-new platform, you will not only gain more control over the promotion position, more choice of keywords, but also more innovative tools, powerful functions, and comprehensive data. Specifically, the unique advantages of the Professional Edition will bring you the following benefits:

More extensive coverage:

Submit more relevant keywords, cover a variety of potential customers, and expand your business space

More controllable promotion positions ("sponsor link" area + right area of the webpage), easily grasp the prospect of potential customers

Keyword broad matching technology helps you locate more potential customers and automatically capture more business opportunities

More refined management:

Use the four-layer account structure to formulate more elaborate promotion plans

Set up plan-level regional/budget and promotion time management for more flexible promotion management

Independently set IP exclusion, block invalid impressions, and gain higher value click access

Optimization is more scientific:

Display volume/click-through rate data, comprehensively evaluate the promotion effect, and guide the optimization direction

View the search term report, refine the desired keywords, add necessary negative keywords, and locate potential customers more accurately

Creative wheel display/creative report, the combination of automatic optimization of the system and manual optimization, to bring the quality of creativity to a higher level

Optimization assistant, to help you run the promotion plan / website quality optimization